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HEPA filters remove dust, aerosols and bacteria with a particle diameter <1 µm. The European standard for the classification of HEPA is the DIN EN 1822-1: of 2009. A distinction is made in (H) EPA and ULPA filter in filter classes E10 to U17. The determining factor is the efficiency against particles with diameters of 0.1 to 0.3 µm (MPPS). Particles of this size are the hardest particles to be captured. Bestair provides filters within E10 – U17 classes based on the latest glass fiber technology and membrane technology. Different frame and sealing systems can be varied depending on the application. Standard dimensions and designs are available as well as customized solutions. We also offer silicone-free filters as well as filters for high temperature applications. Bestair HEPA are tested against leakage (oil thread test, Filter Scan Test) and are delivered with corresponding certificates.