We Are ISO Certified


The quality is one of the main criteria in the evaluation of a product. Therefore every step within the entire process must be laboriously controlled to corresponds to our high standards. The purchase of high-quality raw materials, their careful handling in order to avoid the waste and the multiple inspections of the final product are not left to chance. Our commitment to quality gives our customers a solid, fully functional and safe product and gives our company satisfied and loyal customers.

Our aim is to always do our best to fulfil our customers needs. We keep up with this philosophy by certifying our quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015.

Furthermore, when choosing the energy sources, the auxiliary and the materials necessary for our products, we pay close attention to environmental protection criteria.
Therefore our Environmental Management Systems
has been certified according to ISO 14001: 2015. We work continuously on the optimization of our processes and the careful use of resources is natural for us.

What Does ISO Certification?

ISO means International Organization for Standardization. This is an organization that coordinates the international standardization with the aim of creating and implementing an uniform global standard. This should facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

The certification indicates that the company concerned has successfully completed the development of a management system (examle: quality management system) according to the series of ISO standards. The certification confirms that the audited processes comply with ISO standards.

Structures, procedures and processes in an organization are therefore checked by a third party. Possible problems such as product quality, customer handling or other vulnerabilities can be quickly identified and eliminated in this way. A Quality Manual assigns roles and responsibilities clearly, business processes are standardized. By doing so abuses and breaches can be quickly detected and corrected.

Potential customers or business partners have the possibility to see for themselves through the certification that the company has a clear assignment in the organization and a defined quality of its products may be regarded as standard.

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