Cabin Air Filters For Cars



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Cabin Air Filters For Cars

Heating systems and air conditioning systems in different vehicles aspire outside air, which is contaminated with particles or gaseous contaminants. Pollen, dust, odors or other gaseous compounds cause allergic reactions, fatigue and headaches.

Therefore, the filtration of particles and gases plays an increasingly important role in the well-being of the vehicle occupants.

Depending on requirements either particle filters or the so-called combination filters (with an additional activated carbon layer) can be employed.

The particle filter detains the atmospheric pollutants such as dust, pollen, dust from the road and from the abrasion of tires. Combined filter: particle with a carbon layer helps to eliminate diesel exhaust, emissions of industrial enterprises and unpleasant odors.

Regular replacement of the filter reduces significantly the air pollution inside the vehicle and also prevents the formation of excess condensation (deposited on the windows), fact especially important during cold months and humid weather. A cabin air filter should be changed every 15,000 km or after one year.