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estair provides a variety of filters types to clean the air supply for vehicle interiors. Here, the high quality standard of the automotive industry is considered. Pleated filters are the main focus of our product portfolio.

The Bestair Portfolio For Automotive Includes:

  • – Cabin air filters for cars, trucks, busses
  • – Cab air filters for agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, municipal vehicles and special vehicles
  • – Filters for mobile heating and air conditioning systems


Cabin Air Filters For Cars

Cabin Air Filters For Cars

Heating systems and air conditioning systems in different vehicles aspire outside air, which is contaminated with particles or gaseous contaminants. Pollen, dust, odors or other gaseous compounds cause allergic reactions, fatigue and headaches.

Therefore, the filtration of particles and gases plays an increasingly important role in the well-being of the vehicle occupants.

Depending on requirements either particle filters or the so-called combination filters (with an additional activated carbon layer) can be employed.

The particle filter detains the atmospheric pollutants such as dust, pollen, dust from the road and from the abrasion of tires. Combined filter: particle with a carbon layer helps to eliminate diesel exhaust, emissions of industrial enterprises and unpleasant odors.

Regular replacement of the filter reduces significantly the air pollution inside the vehicle and also prevents the formation of excess condensation (deposited on the windows), fact especially important during cold months and humid weather. A cabin air filter should be changed every 15,000 km or after one year.


Bestair Particle Filter

Particle Filter

In the road transport we find many atmospheric pollutants such as dust from the road, from the abrasion of tires, brakes and clutches, particulate matter such as diesel exhaust and emissions of industrial enterprises. And apart from those also natural particles such as pollen.

In order to keep these particles out of the vehicle, the use of an effective particulate filter is needed.


Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Combined filters ally the effect of the particulate filter and activated carbon filter. Besides dust and pollen this type of filter remove from the air also the odors and gaseous air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, solvent components or ozone. The open pores of the activated carbon store these air pollutants or convert them completely. The inner surface of the activated carbon is very important to fix the gas molecules. One teaspoon of activated carbon has an internal surface area roughly the size of a football field.


Bestair Cabin Filter

Cabin Air Filters For Agricultural Vehicles, Construction, Municipal And Special Vehicles

More particularly the cabin air filtering for agricultural vehicles, construction, municipal and special vehicles is very important.
Especially here the aerosols, pesticides, dust and bacteria affect the quality of the air considerably. Clean air at the workplace prevents diseases and promotes physical and mental performance.
For the protection of the driver special regulations apply. Mentioned here is the DIN EN 15695.

Filters For Vehicle Mounted Heating And Cooling Systems

For air-conditioning the passenger compartment of the camper vans, buses and trains an integrated so-called on-roof HVAC system is being used. Again, it is important to protect the passengers against particles and airborne molecular contaminants and to allow a safe and durable system operation. Bestair provides filtration solutions that are specifically tailored to the conditions of such installations and also carry the specific legislative requirements./p>


Bestair Special Solutions

Special Solutions

Special requirements need special solutions. In addition to the pleated filters, we also supply filter mats and filter mat blanks, PPI-foams and also metal mesh filter.