AMC Filter


Bestair AMC Filter

AMC Filter

AMC stands for airborne molecular contamination. AMC filters remove airborne or air dissolved molecular contaminants. Those can not be captured with conventional filtration methods, but by adsorption or chemisorption.

Activated carbon filters are widely used for this type of applications, and also for the separation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and especially of hydrocarbons.

The adsorptive, therefore purely physical effect of the activated carbon can be upgraded by impregnation with certain chemicals or reinforcing the catalytic effect to an additional or exclusively chemisorptive effectiveness. Such activated carbon types are effective against sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen peroxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia or heavy metals.

Activated carbon filters are also suitable for ozone depletion.

In addition to activated carbon, impregnated activated carbon, zeolite, and ion exchange we are also able to put into use substances such as potassium permanganate.

Bestair provides various designs of AMC filters. These include filter cartridges, carbon foams and carbon fleece, pleated filters and filter based on active carbon honeycomb structures.
Different frame and sealing systems can be varied depending on the application. Standard dimensions and designs are available as well as customized solutions.